Virtual Reality is about to change the way we tell stories

December 11, 2015
December 11, 2015 VirtualReality

In today’s economic times some parents find it more and more difficult to spend quality time with their children. Unlike in the old days where fathers used to be the breadwinners and mothers stayed at home spending hours with their children teaching and stimulating their minds in many cases both parents have to work.

Although the debate is on whether this is good or bad it is still a reality. Parents drop children of at a day care center, and sometimes these caretakers have more than 30 children that they need to take care of. These caretakers have to stand in for the absence of “teaching and stimulating” parents. Although Virtual Reality cannot substitute for a parent’s absence and the bond between parent and children it could be used positively to stimulate and teach your child some valuable life lessons.

In the good old days parents would read stories at night to their children teaching and stimulating them. I can still remember some of the stories my mother read to me just before bedtime. In many households with two working parents this practice have completely died out. Parents are simply too tired to read stories to their children just before bedtime.

In the future parents can keep their children occupied by using virtual reality devices to teach children the core values of life and stimulating their minds. These Virtual Reality could range from someone telling them a story, where they can immerse themselves into the story and listen to the story the same way stories have been told to children for thousands of years. In this setting you could have a person reading the story to the child, and triggering the same emotions and curiosity that story telling does to a child.

Parents can monitor these stories closely and make sure that only stories that carry their approval are being read to their children. Another possibility could be to actually allow the child to be completely immersed into the story. Being able to look around in 360° degrees and interact with the characters in the story stimulating the child’s imagination, teaching value and morals or just allowing the child to relax in the stimulating immersive enviroment.