Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the Automotive Industry

December 5, 2015
December 5, 2015 VirtualReality

Microsoft in January 2015 announced their Hololens Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality glasses. These glasses will allow people to break out of the usual way of interacting with technology. Instead of being confined to sitting in front of your computer the hololens seems to be able to let you interact with “Technology” everywhere. It mixes the real world with the digital world in such a way that technology is all around you.

The best way to explain “Hololens” is to watch the official commercial for Microsoft Hololens below.

If you have watched the video, and haven’t heard about Hololens yet, you would probably be amazed at what the hololens can do, and how it is going to change the way that we interact with technology forever.

One of the first companies to jump at the opportunity and experience Hololens promises is the Automotive Manufacturer Volvo. They announced in December 2015 that they have teamed up with Microsoft Hololens to develop Virtual Reality and Augmented applications for Volvo. It looks like Volvo and Microsoft Hololens is going to come out with some awesome new ways that you interact with their cars.

Check out the announcement and see some of the ideas Volvo and Microsoft Hololens is running with:

The future of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

It is awesome to see the effort and investment that companies like Volvo and Microsoft is making into Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. It is exciting to see corporates embracing the technology and I for one cannot wait to see where it is going to go. In the past the barrier to entry into virtual reality was very high (a decent Virtual Reality Headset cost thousands of dollars). With the Virtual Reality Headsets & smartphone technologies available today it is mainstream and everyone with a decent smartphone already owns half of the technology needed to experience virtual reality.