The Virtual Reality Affiliate Program offers you the opportunity to sell Virtual Reality Hardware, Software and Virtual Reality Headsets and solutions. The Affiliate Program and Dealership system allows you to sell Virtual Reality through your website, shop or to clients direct.

The Virtual Reality Headsets affiliate program makes it easy to sell virtual reality hardware and software solutions.

Why sell virtual reality?

  • It is a niche market, and industry analists predict that the Virtual Reality Hardware sector will be worth +/- $4Billion Dollars by 2018. For more information visit Here is why it is a good idea to invest in virtual reality
  • Virtual Reality is going mainstream, which means that the demand for Virtual Reality Headsets and Virtual Reality Software and content is going to see exponential growth and demand.

Who can sell virtual reality solutions and hardware?

The short answer is that anyone that is passionate about Technology can sell virtual reality hardware and solutions. You can either sell complete solutions or you can specialize in specific Virtual Reality Segments.

  • Computer Shops and Retail Stores – Demonstrate and sell Virtual Reality Hardware and gadgets directly to your clients.
  • Photographers – Interesting and lucrative opportunities for Photographers to sell Virtual Reality Headsets to their clients as well as Virtual Reality Photo and Video opportunities. (become a virtual reality service provider and add virtual reality to you portfolio and product offering).
  • Publishers, Bloggers and Online Stores – Advertise Virtual Reality Hardware and Solutions on your websites and make money from any sale that is generated from your website.
  • Advertising Agencies – Offer Virtual Reality solutions directly to your clients.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a marketing program where you can receive commission for helping a parent company (such as Virtual Reality Headsets) generate sales.

What is an Reseller Program?

It is basically the same as an affiliate program, but with the reseller program you can determine your own markup for the Virtual Reality Hardware and Virtual Reality Solutions that you sell. Generally speaking a computer shop or a retail shop will be resellers. They will buy stock and sell directly to their clients.