A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of videos or still images. It may also use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text. The Virtual Tour can be published on a website or as software that allow people to view it on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

What is Google Street view?

Google Street View is a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth that provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world. It was launched in 2007 in several cities in the United States, and has since expanded to include cities and rural areas worldwide. Google Street view is available in South Africa and the Virtual Tour company can assist you to get your business listed in Google Maps and Google Earth. Research have showed that Businesses with a Google Street View and Virtual Tour attracts more potential customers than businesses that doesn’t have a virtual tour in Google Street view.

About the Virtual Tour company

The Virtual Tour company is based in Johannesburg South Africa. The company create virtual tours of businesses in South Africa. These Virtual Tours can be uploaded to clients websites or it can be uploaded to Google Street View. Uploading a business to Google Street View offers businesses the opportunity to reach more clients. According to research potential clients because they are mostly dealing with online businesses love it when they are able to view a virtual tour of the company they are dealing with. In the online world a virtual tour of your infrastructure and business establish credibility.

For more information on Virtual Tours you can visit the Virtual Tour website you can also contact them on Tel: +27 72 234 7513