The Virtual Reality website specialize in Virtual Reality, 360° Video and Google Streetview

We live in an age where immersive and innovative technology is being created, implemented and evolve at light speed. The Virtual Reality company is at the cutting edge of Virtual Reality and 360° Video production. The company with its expertise and know-how is your answer to implement your own Virtual Reality and 360° video solutions. They can assist you to take your VR plans from the whiteboard to production and market.

What is 360° Video?

360 video opens new horizons to the entertainment media production industry.

Be anywhere, anytime. The possibilities are endless. 360° Video allows you to see 360° around you at all times when watching the video. If you combine 360° video with virtual reality it is an awesome immersive experience. It allows you to feel part of the video, and you determine your viewing angle at all times.

Try it for yourself – above is a 360° video, click on play and use your mouse to move left or right, up or down. You can also view this video with a Virtual Reality Headset and experience it as if you were there.

How does 360° video work?

  • 360° Cameras record 360° by 180° at a time.
  • a 360° spherical video is created allowing viewers to interact with the 360° video and choose their own viewing angle within the video.

What is Google Streetview?

Google Streetview is the Virtual Tours that form part of Google Maps. The Virtual Reality company can assist you with creating virtual tours of your business, hotel or infrastructure and upload it to Google Maps. This will make your business infrastructure accessible to the public via Google Maps. The Virtual Reality companies own research, Google research and Independent research show that businesses with a Virtual Tour is likely to attract more potential clients than those without a presence in Google Streetview.

What services does Virtual Reality offer?

  • Assist companies and agencies that are looking for a Virtual Reality business solution or 360° video with the know-how and expertise to take the idea from whiteboard to reality.
  • Filming and production of 360° Video’s.
  • Filming, production and development of complete Virtual Reality applications for distribution via websites, Facebook, Youtube, iphone and android phones.
  • Hosting and distributing 360° video and VR Solutions.
  • Creating of custom VR solutions.
  • Virtual Reality Hardware like Google Cardboard and High quality plastic virtual reality headsets.
  • Adding your business to Google Street
  • Creating a custom virtual tour of your business