Teslasuit Virtual Reality Body suite – Feel reality.


If you are interested in Virtual Reality you will find the Teslasuit Project on Kickstarter very interesting. One of the biggest obstacles with Virtual Reality is that there is no resistance and feedback while you are playing a game or immersed in a Virtual Reality experience. The Teslasuit project on Kickstarter aims to counter this VR shortcoming with the Testlasuit that they are busy developing.

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How to connect and play Virtual Reality PC Games on your Smartphone


Play Computer Games in Virtual Reality on your Mobile Phone

Until recently one of the biggest shortcomings of Virtual Reality Headsets using Smartphones to play games was the fact that it was very technical advanced to play computer games on your smartphone. You had to know how to connect your computer and smartphone and setup some additional settings for it to work.

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Important Virtual Reality Milestones in 2015

Although virtual reality is not yet mainstream technology, 2015 was obviously a significant year for the Virtual Reality Industry. New Virtual Reality Headsets were introduced including some full-featured, robust and powerful, some virtual reality headsets which are quite simple and other virtual reality headsets which are portable. Providers released new methods to handle, record and capture Virtual Reality Scenes and 3D virtual reality spaces.

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