The Virtual Reality Headsets company is based in Johannesburg South Africa. We specialize in Virtual Reality Headsets, Virtual Reality Glasses, Virtual Reality Hardware, VR Software and 360° Video productions.

If you are looking for anything or something specific in the Virtual Reality industry we can likely help. We live and breath Virtual Reality…

Virtual Reality Headsets for sale in South Africa

We Sell and stock some of the best Virtual Reality Headsets in South Africa. If you are looking for a Virtual Reality Headset or Google Cardboard have a look at our top sellers.


The VR Case virtual reality headset is a high quality Virtual Reality Headset. The headset comes at an affordable price, and offers similar features than more expensive virtual reality headsets. The VR Case Virtual Reality glasses is one of our top sellers!

VR Glasses

The VR Case Virtual Reality Headset is a high quality affordable Virtual Reality Headset that works with your smartphone.

  • Feature High Quality Optics
  • Easy access to your smartphones ports, for charging and earphones.
  • Compares excellent with “Brand” name VR Headsets
  • Light weight and easy inserting of your smartphone into the headset.
  • Our top seller in South Africa


Buy Google Cardboard in South Africa

We sell Google Cardboard in South Africa. Our company manufacture local produced Google inspired Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets. We also import Google Cardboard devices and can custom brand Google Cardboard glasses for corporate clients. If you are looking for Google Cardboard glasses in South Africa, we can supply it!

Google Cardboard

The Google Cardboard Virtual Reality device is affordable and ideal for persons who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on high end Virtual Reality Headsets. The Google Cardboard device works in conjunction with your smartphone to display virtual reality. It is a great way of experiencing VR for the first time!

Google Cardboard Version 2

The Google Cardboard Version 2 headset is the best selling Virtual Reality Headset in the world. Although it is made of cardboard it is an amazing headset for people to experience virtual reality for the fist time.

  • The Google Cardboard Version 2 Headset comes assembled.
  • It has a sleeve to protect it from wear and tear
  • The headset makes use of quality 42 mm lenses
  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Ideal gift for corporations
  • Can be branded with your companies logo


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